The year is coming to an end, and so does the month. That also means another round of featured community creations! Before that, though our team would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! As 2020 is coming closer and closer, we are saying goodbye to the wonderful 2019, filled with a lot of delight and great experiences for us and hopefully for you as well!

★ HarderSurvivial

by Bugin4

The first server on our list is a custom survival offering a challenging experience. Fight not only with the vanilla difficulties but also with the custom challenges added to test your survival skills and push you to your limits. Build everything you have wanted to create, explore the incredible sights of this world, and fight the monsters creeping from the shadows together with your friends.

So can you survive in this cruel world? The only way to find out is to join and try.

Sounds too hard? Well, this next server is just for you then.

★ LuxuryCraft

by CastoloGR

With easy progression and various new stuff to explore, this server is perfect to kill some time and have fun with friends. Play minigames such as parkour, compete with others in PvP or try out the vanilla difficulties with survival, the choice is entirely yours.

This has been it for this post and this month, if you would like to possibly see your server featured, always feel free to contact me on Discord at WrexBG#6785, and maybe your dream will become a reality! Once again, we wish a successful year to all of our players, and don't forget to hop on Kingdoms and have some fun!