Endless opportunities!

In kingdoms.gg, the only limitation is your imagination! Our team offers a ton of tools that you can use to create servers, so we have gone on a quick journey to see what some players have created, and here are some great community servers.

* ParkourGG

This server offers a relaxing experience where you can join, have some fun playing parkour, and chat with other players.

There is a great atmosphere set by the captivating vistas, turning jumping around the map into a real adventure filled with exciting new areas to explore. Furthermore, the convenient UI will help you out at the click of a button, simple as that!

If parkour is not your cup of tea and you are looking for more action, worry no more! There are tons of combat servers filled with exciting fights, as you will find in the next community-made server on our list.


This action-filled server guarantees exciting fights where you can compete with other players and become the best and most powerful warrior!

Located in the skies, you will need to combine skills of parkour and combat to fight your way to the best resources and forge the most powerful gear. The convenient shop system is easy to use, and your storage chest will hold your valuables for you.


This survival server has everything you could need to have an engaging run trough the tweaked vanilla game and lore. Build, explore, and fight side to side with your best friends and possibly even meet new mates. There are no limits to what you will come up with, as it should be!

So what are you waiting for?! Hop on and try all these amazing community-made servers for yourself! From relaxing survival to action-filled combat-based servers, the variety is endless, and the only boundary is your creativity!

And if you are a server creator yourself and you believe your server deserves a spot under the lights, always feel free to contact me on Discord at WrexBG#6785, and it might be featured in a future post.