Hello everyone! We are back with yet another "Community creations" post where we discuss featured servers. Good day/afternoon/evening to everyone and stay safe. We won't make another Coronavirus statement as you have probably seen enough of these, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't follow them. So, wash hands and stay safe! It has been a while so let's dive right into it!

★ Fallen

By Distanced

You will rarely see a RPG-MMO server in Minecraft as it is incredibly hard to create, manage, develop, and maintain. Fallen however, manages to do all that and implement a balanced and fun game play. Slash trough mobs, collect gear, explore, and go on adventures to complete quests. Here you can find exciting missions and an interesting lore, explore the gorgeous sites in the variety of zones, and experience fun combat with challenging mobs.

So, can't wait to play such servers? Join kingdoms and you will find everything you need.

★ Snowdown

By WrexBG

SnowDown is yet another unique idea, implementing FPS in Minecraft. It's a free for all arena where you can jump down and fight with others. Buy guns and use them to your advantage. Explore the terrain and use it to outsmart you enemies. You can easily navigate with use convenient GUI's and easy to use commands.

If all you are looking for is fast and fun game play, join Snowdown and experience it yourself. And if you are competitive you can participate for the top spots on the different leaderboards!

You might have noticed that this post is a bit shorter with only 2 servers (one of them being mine) but this is due to the lack of content. If you are a creator yourself and you want your server to be featured here DM me on discord at WrexBG#6785!

Kind regards, the KingdomsGG staff team!